Re-join several columns read from 1 Excel spreadsheet

I have a process in which I need to extract some data from excel, unfortunately the table in excel is fairly large (Columns A to CN and around 10 000+ rows) to it is pretty slow to pull the entire table into a data table. For my process I actually only need about 10 of these columns (I need Column A, B, Z, BN…). Rather than pulling in the entire table and then removing columns I thought it would be faster to just use several read range activities to pull just the columns I need. The issue I’m unable to come up with a solution for is: Once I have these columns as their own individual data tables how to I rejoin them to create a single data table? I was hoping to do this without using a for each row, but so far I have been unsuccessful in using the row index as the join on parameter.

Thanks if anyone can help to provide some insight.

Merge data table activity

Hi Nilay,
When I try merge data table it merges the data into a single column, can you provide an example on how I can join the 2 tables so the result reflects the data that was originally in excel.

Test excel file :