Re-Indicate Selector or Element After Deploy Robot in Other Machine


i have same problem while deploy attended bots in other machine. After publish the package, i find some (Not All) selectors for activities like click, type, etc will be missing, and image saving for activities like element exit, image exist, click image, etc ALWAYS gone. So that we have to re-indicate/grab from screen again each activity to apps that we use before. its oke if not to much, bu how if we handle such a long process, it will takes time. Any suggestion for that problem?


Thank you

Hi @llayla,

You need not re indicate it. Images are important for activities such as image exist, click image etc. For those activities, images are stored in the code in form of Base64, so images will be displayed always. In case of click, type into kind of activities, images are not needed. Selectors are important.


In Type into, click activities, images are stored in .screenshot folder. Folders starting with ‘.’ will be lost when you convert it to zip.

So whenever you are zipping the code, remove ‘.’ in prefix of the foldername and zip. Later after unzipping, you can add that prefix and open the code.

oh, i know the problem, i always sent object to other machine in .zip . so those folder ( .folder) will be missing.

in our company, migration object will be save in .zip type file (for unattended bot), but for attended more flexible. >> our regulation

would u like to explain how to deploy properly so that our object not losing any files.

im sorry i didn’t notice your last explanation about remove ‘.’

thanks for your suggestion.

i’ve tried to rename those folder (remove ‘.’) example :
before >> after
.data >> data1 (then we will rename back to .data)

But after unzip file and rename again like naming before, i have this error pop up

Hi @llayla ,

Yes, renaming back gives this error. In that case i open the code, use click activity and click a random place and then delete the click activity.

When you do this, automatically .screenshot folder will be created.
Then i copy all images from screenshot folder to .screenshot folder and open the code.
All images will be present. You can then delete screenshot folder.

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