RE Framework -transaction Data

My RE frameworke seems to be processing same data over and over until No new Transaction data.Transaction Number is incrementing but the datarow not updating

Hey @ramees_kv - welcome to the community.

Could you please drop the solution in zip file here so that we can take a look. It sounds like your transaction number is not incrementing. Are you using queues or an Excel file?

Are you using Queues to retrieve Transaction Data?

Not using Queue…extracted excel worksheet into DataTable

Can you check if you are actually passing the correct transaction number to get the values from DataTable?

Lets say for example , if you are getting Data row as a transaction item.
Then the index should be incremented in the get transaction data.

Say , Datatable1.rows(0) - This will give you the same row irrespective of the iterations
It should be Datatable1.rows(TransactionNumber)

Not using queues…DataRow not incrementing


Are you incrementing the row index using itramsacrionnumber?


yes , you need to increment the data row for it to be able to retrieve other rows.