Re-Framework performer with queue

I have data on queue

I am checking that if hire date>2week then log empl is allready onborded.
them checking If hire date<2week----->I am reading another excel

Now i have to find the employee with hiredate<2week in this sheet with his name.
2.I have to chek whethet he is eligible or not if he is elgible means
then i have to enter all data from queue with
this details in another sheet

How i can do that plz help me out i am sharig here my code also (2.8 MB)

plzpplz help me out

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

As per my understanding, you can get the Hiring date from the queue and use modify Date activity to check the day difference. Based on that you can use an if condition to redirect your flow.


i have resolve the hire date issue

can you read query plz i also provide there my code

or else just let me know ki how i can match the queue first name and last name data with excel data with colunn name.
I have to check if queue emp name and excel emp name is same if yes then i have to check eligibilty of that employee and if eligiblity="Y"then i have to write all data of that emp to other sheet


I have queue data with employee first name last name

and i have excel
How i can check whether my queue name and excel name are matching or not

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can you read query first

I have queue data with first name and last name and i have another excel with name column
How i can check queue name and emplyee name colunm from excel is matching or not
Queue data :

Excel data

So from above screenshot i have to check that Firstname+Lastname =excel column name

Duplicate Topic : How to check queue data and excel data is matching or not

@Gokul001 no body help there can you plz help me out

@Gokul001 please its request i am waiting for solution

What is issue your are getting while automating @Sandhya_Gajare

Have you get the data from the Queue?


yes i got the queue details how can i check both name are equal or not i have to multiple operation (2.8 MB)
3. If hire date < 2 weeks then go to next step.
4. Find the employee in eligibility sheet.
5. Add entry to candidate details file as per the business rule.
6. for Y/N send mail as “Hello Snehal,
You are eligible/Not eligible to get onboarded.”

i have to do this more operation.

if i get same name in queue and that excel then i have to check the eligi
bity nd if eligibility is “y” then i have to put all details of that employee to another sheet along with eligibility and detail column from excel

@Gokul001 can you plz help me out

@Gokul001 you there

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