RE Framework - Link Between Config File and Orchestrator Asset

Hello everyone! I’m learning the RE Framework and I’ve got a question. In the Init state, is the RE Framework first accessing the Config File to obtain the name of an Orchestrator Asset? Said differently, is the bot’s workflow to first check the Config File, obtain the Orch Asset name, and then go fetch the Asset? When I build outside of the RE Framework I know how to obtain an Orch Asset directly via the “Get Asset” activity. I’m preparing for the Advanced Dev Exam and it looks like Init takes us to the Config File first to obtain the name of the Orch Asset and then goes and fetches it in the GetAppCredentials.xaml…but I can’t quite figure out the Init workflow…I feel like I’m 90% there.

Hi @bkeller444

In init state of RE Framework, all of the Config File Settings and the Orchestrator Assets will be put in Config Dictionary for further use. your understanding is all right, it fetchs the Asset by name which are recorded in Config File’s Assets sheet.
You also can use the Get Asset activity to get Orchestrator Asset directly. there is only Asset Name input required, then it’s output is the Asset value.

Thanks for confirming. Really appreciate it!

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