RE Framework issues

I am using RE Framework. I want to iterate a Data Table rows. So i am giving data table row count to “Transaction Number”. For this i am changing the “Transaction Number” property from Queue Item to String.
I deleted Get Transaction Item activity. Because I am not taking any inputs from queues.
It is working fine. If i deploy my process on orchestrator, Can it work?

Please guide me on this. @ClaytonM @KannanSuresh @kommijeevan

If it has been tested from studio and working well, it would work when executed from orch as well.

Thanks for your reply.
So it is not compulsory that in RE framework we have to use input from orchestrator…

It depends on what transaction item you use.
If you want the transactions to be handled by multiple robots to achieve load distribution you add the transactions as orch queue items and consume them in your processor robots.
However if you dont want to use orch queue , you can simply vhange the transaction item to other datatypes and work.

Thanks for your reply.