RE Framework issue

Hi Team,

The requirement is - I have login into 4 web application and download the load the file. each downloaded file can have 300 rows. Now each file , each row i have insert/update in db based on validation. THis i have to do it in RE framework. What will be transitem ? how process should be designed in re framework.

If the schemas are same in the files you can have single Datatable for all the files which you can pass to GetTransactionState

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It sounds like any of the rows in each of the 4 reports can be a “transaction”, so I would put it at that level.

You could use 2 bots (dispatcher/performer), where dispatcher connects to databases and parses the rows to create transactions in Orchestrator. If not, you would do all of this in the initialization of the bot (initallsettings/applications.xamls)

Then in your process portion, you’d need whatever logic to identify and process the different types (assuming each web application requires a slightly different process).


Hello @Shirish_Pathak ,

The final process depends if you’re using Orchestrator or you work locally only.

But both of them can use the Dispatcher/Performer scenario.


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