RE Framework error on creation?


Is there a new version of the framework for the new version of Community UIPath? This happens to me in Community 2019.10.0-beta.200. I open up the Reframeworkmaster that I have and it a) immediately does a conversion and then b) has errors in it.




Or is this supposed to happen as these are points where we have to give it our specific information?


yah this happens when wee open a process developed in previous version and being currently opened in new version
so the version compatibility is the reason.
this can be solved by clicking on continue with this when opening and upgrading the package dependencies in the MANAGE PACKAGES OPTION in design tab
so that the package will get upgraded and we wont face this issue.
OR if any missing we can install that package there and check further.

hope this would help you
Cheers @jgoranso


I guess credentials package got missed. Go to Manage packages option and install Uipath.Credential.Activities package and then it should work.