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Hello Everyone,
I have a question.
in which section should i use the write range activity, if I want to transfer the details of an excel file that I have created in the dispatcher(did not use RE framework for dispatcher, instead created a workflow did read range activity and uploaded it to the orchestrator queue) section to a new excel sheet in the performer(Using RE framework)?
It is confusing as I have to retrieve the data from the orchestrator queue and transfer it to a new excel file in the performer section.

Please guide me!
Thank you!

First run

Yes, my data has been uploaded to the queue, but how do I connect my dispatcher with performer ? do ih have to add my dispatcher workflow in the initallapplication?

You can make single bot with Dispatcher and performer like Start Job process … i didn’t get clearly … BUt it helps I think

I am saying I have uploaded all the excel details in the queue.
But now the next thing I have to do is retrieve all that data into a new excel file and send an email attached with the new excel file.

Hi Praneet,

Dispatcher and performer will have to be 2 separate processes. Once you have run the dispatcher process, and the queue items are populated, you can trigger the performer process (using a queue based trigger if you want performer process to run automatically when there are new items in the queue.)

Now coming to your question, If you are using Reframework for your performer process, In getTransaction stage, you can specify the queue name and get your transaction items, use the writerange activity to update the excel in ‘process’ stage.

Hope this helps.

Sruthi YNM



Usually RE frame work comes with performer logic by default. But we can have dispatcher and performer logic both on the RE.

As @Vijay_RPA said we can have the add data to queue in the first run so it will run only once. In this init state first run sequence we can have the logic like read range activity to get the Excel data and insert the data into queue by using add data to queue.

Re frame work has in built mechanism to retrieve the data from queue by form of items one by one in loop. As said by @ynm_Sruthi we have get transaction state in that we have to input queue name so that it is having in bulit work flow to get the items one by one from the work queue.

If you included dispatcher and performer in sane RE you no need any queue triggers.

The scenarios like we would get lot of input data it will take so many hours to complete the dispatcher flow. In that case we have to create two different processes for dispatcher and performer and we have to use queue triggers to connect the two process. In our case we can maintain the dispatcher and performer in the same RE frame work. Dispatcher in the init state first run.

Please refer the RE frame work mechanism in the uipath academy training for more guidance. If you need any additional details please let us know. Thanks.


@kirankumar.mahanthi1 @ynm_Sruthi @Vijay_RPA This is my first assignment RPA and I just finished the certifications, I was not able to understand everything. But I can say, now am able to understand the connecting link between dispatcher and performer and how can we use it to connect to each other.
Thank you guys! I’ll give it try, and let you know,
Thank you for your time and support! It means a lot.

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I have completed the dispatcher part using the workflow, didnt go for REF in dispatcher.
Now In performer side my task is to retrive the same data from the orchestrator queue and add it into a new excel file. and email it to the given email address with file attached and a message saying “Hi team”