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Can anyone explain me the difference between “Name” column and “Asset” column in the config.xlsx file.As per my understanding the “Asset” column denotes the name of the asset in orchestrator “Asset” then what is "Name’ column used for?

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value in ‘Name’ Column used in the Process to access the asset in orchestrator in the form of Key- Value pair
Key-value of Name Column
Value- name of the asset

But we are using the “Asset” in process to access the asset in orchestrator


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after access the asset in Re Frame work we assign value in Config

here Name column be used

Yes, I know that…But we could have used “out_config(row(“Asset”))” instead of Name right.How are “Name” and “Asset” field logically connected to each other. Can you give me a real time example?


You can use assetName as a key in the dictionary - No issues

The only catch is if you have different folders and have to read the asset from other folder then it will replace the value in a dictionary
Refer to below sample screenshot

Folder F1 and F2 have same asset names and we can differentiate it with Name. :slight_smile:

Perfect !!! Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

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