RE-Framework Advanced Tutorial Assignment 1- Need Help, can't able to login into the acme test URL

After running the xaml file ,its entering a random password in the password field of , so its failing. Please check my workflow and suggest me where i am going wrong.
Here is the attached .Xaml (2.1 MB)

Password set in the asset is - codecraft123 but its taking some random password.

Thanks in advance

Currently, the value being entered in password field is “System.Security.SecureString”

Its because you used password.tostring in Type Into.
Instead, use Type secure Text activity and pass password

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Thanks for the quick reply, i have fixed that issue which u told me to fix but now i am getting some different issue so please can you check it once so that i can fix that. (2.1 MB)

Can you please be more specific? What issue are you facing now?

After tapping on the Work Items and recording every pages of the work items its not opening a Client information page.

Your variable binding is not complete

I think you should see error in your studio output panel.
Bind your variables and try again

Okay, I will look into it.