Re frame work question on filling the queues when bot fails

Hi Experts ,
this question is about RE frame work. there is a bot which designed using RE-Framework. when ever the bot crashes in between it starts filling up the queue again. this should not happen. it should pickup from the existing queue. i hope RE framework is designed to handle these scenarios and i think am not using it effectively . so where i am missing something here ?
@Palaniyappan any idea ?

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Hi , In the Reframework ‘Init’ state , there is a dafult sequence with name ‘if config file is nothing’
, so please put your Load Queue code inside this Sequence

Your issue is because whenever there is an error , the workflow might have configured to initiate it from init again , and you might have using the Load Queue code in the Init , where Bot Executes it everytime again and again whenever it gets error


i will see the code , its with some one . once i find this and it solves the problem i will close this thread.
@vinay_reddy thanks Vinay

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Sure , Happy Automation

still did not get a chance to check hence keeping it open