RE Frame work: Based on transaction item i want write status in a data row

we are reading one excel from the folder->then writing those data into a web form application-> we are using RE Framework ->based on the transaction item, we want to update the status in same excel.

What is the condition we need to use?

kindly help us ASAP.


If you excel has any unique column which is being added to transaction item…

then to update…use find/Replace activity and find the required unique value …which give you the row number

You can get this row number while adding to queue only…by getting the row index

now use write cell with the re4quired column say K with the row number retreived to update on excel like "K" + rownumber.ToSTring

Hope this helps


Hi, In RE-Framework,

  1. Get transaction state you will get the Row Data \ Trans Item & Trans No.
  2. In Set trans state ,use write cell activity and pass the trans no. init.