Re-establish connect to webpage while process is running

When running a process involving filing fields on an online form (webpage) if the field can’t be found intermittently or some manual intervention is required occasionally, I find that often after making the intervention and clicking ‘Skip’ Studio X often can no longer recognise any of the additional fields it needs to completed on the page, forcing manual completion of each additional field and clicking ‘Skip’ then waiting for the error window to pop up and repeating … just to complete the form without losing the work completed before. Is there anyway to re-establish the connection between the page and uiPath in this event. Noting that i am not using Orchestrator.

Try out on properties timeout give 30000

Thank you @mahesh.kumarg for the suggestion, unfortunately this issue does not appear to be related to the timeout setting. I see it a related to something like the ‘Blue Prism’ Attach function. It appears that my issue occurs following a fail in a step in the process. When that step is skipped (upon user instruction), and UiPath appears to lose a connection with the automated webpage, and is unable to find mapped fields on that page (mapped fields, that in previous and subsequent runs are identified by UiPath, without fail.