RDS Unattended Robots Not Running Simultaneously

Here’s the setup:
Automation Cloud with 5 unattended robots configured to one RDS server. Machine template has been setup, and 3 robot accounts have been configured so far. Runtime licenses have been updated to have 5 on the machine. Each robot is licensed, configured, connected, and can run a test process with no issues attended or unattended. Each robot account is set to Login to the Console No. Test process has logging to indicate when it is started, running, and completed. Test process has the robot send an email, and write some log messages. Simple quick process.

I am testing that the robots can run processes simultaneously. I setup a trigger to run a test process every minute, configuring each of the 3 robots to run the process simultaneously. Here’s what I am seeing from the Jobs tab.

  1. All 3 jobs start simultaneously, marked as Running on the Jobs tab. A started time of 2:00:09 (9 seconds) will be marked on each of the 3 jobs I’m attempting to run on the 3 robots.
  2. First job will complete. Log messages of 2:00:15 to 2:00:23. On the jobs tab, shows completed at 2:00:23.
  3. Second job will complete. Log messages of 2:00:26 to 2:00:37. On the jobs tab, shows completed at 2:00:37.
  4. Third job will complete. Log messages of 2:00:35 to 2:00:44. On the jobs tab, shows completed at 2:00:44.

Why are the processes not running simultaneously on the RDS server? Is the delay due to logging into the server? I would expect all the processes to start at 2:00:09 and complete around 2:00:23. Is it a delay of writing to the cloud orchestrator? Want to validate that the robots can work at the same time before moving production processes to the robots. Any ideas?

Just in case anyone ever runs into this issue:
The issue was that the process was too small. It completed before the other robots could login (a slight few seconds delay). That made it appear as if the robots weren’t working at the same time. Added a delay to the process and it showed the robots were working simultaneously.

Issue resolved.

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