RDP in Orchestrator

Hello All

I’m having this scenario where I have two processes running in the same machine, the Users accounts are different for the two processes.
Initially,the RDP session closed when the job is run and after I changed the login to console to true in settings it left RDP session open and ran the job successfully.
I left the first process RDP session open and ran a job for the Second process with different user credentials, the second job stayed in pending status for ever. should the first RDP session be closed before running the second job(different credentials though)

Is it possible to have two RDP session open and run a job?

Hi @BhargavaSoma,
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It’s a very good question. You need to remember that by default any Windows OS supports only 2 simultaneously session. So for two processes you need to be sure that nobody is logged into machine. Second thing you need to have separate robots configured for each process to be able to run them independently. If you set everything like this you can eventually experiment with adding logout at the end to the process to see if after this second process will start. If will then deeper investigation is needed.


I have a question that what happened if I occupy the machine? therefore the schedule task in the orchestrator are not available to start the job when I am using the machine?

It depends. If you are running it on typical Windows (like 10, 8 or so) there is a limitation to have only one active session on machine. But in case of Windows Server you can configure as many unattended robots as you need (of course you need that much RPD licenses as well).

so it means that if I were on windows server, even I am using the machine via remote desktop, an unattended robot in orchestrator can be trigger without disconnect my connection?

Yes, exactly :slight_smile: But you need to have more than 1 RPD (RDS) licence available on that Server and separate account created for Robot.