⭐ Rate UiPath on ITCS and get rewarded with a 50 USD Visa Gift Card

I would kindly ask for your support, we’re currently running a campaign with [ITCS], each approved review will be rewarded with a 50 USD Visa Gift Card.
If you have the availability for a short call, with the guys from ITCS, it would be much appreciated.

The process will be like that:

Interviews/ reviews - This will take place via a phone call. (Calendly link here All you need to do is schedule a time that works, next one. ITCS will take care from there, assuming 20 minutes for all the process.

Deadline - August 30

Other aspects to be mentioned: the reviews will be on a public site but that they can be completely anonymous if wished

Reward: Once we have the interview with the ITSC team, I will issue to the one who assists in the interview, a 50 USD Visa Gift Card, as thanks. *Please take note that we’ll issue the gift cards only when the review gets public, not at the time you schedule the call with ITCS :slight_smile:

Is this something do you think you can help us with? If so, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything about this.

Thank you in advance,


Happy to review, registered :+1:

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Awesome, I have registered.


Interview done!

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Interview done! @Dana_Mustatea

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I shared my approval email with you on yesterday but haven’t get any gift card yet

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please check your email :slight_smile: . Thank you!

Great!!! let’s wait for the approval now :slight_smile:

do I need to share any mail to you? how I’ll know approved or not

@Dana_Mustatea My review has been approved today and actually I send you an a email with approval email and some screenshots. but you did not respond to me.
my email : baris_secen@jhstores.com

I think it’s been weeks I gave review. But I didn’t get any update on my review whether it’s published or not. I didn’t receive any mail or message till now.

How can I know the status of my review?

Already done with the interview. Haven’t got any update since thn… is there anything else needed to be done?

@Dana_Mustatea i send you a approval email and please share my reward here is below my review is live ! you can check the link

@Dana_Mustatea sorry for Inconvenience, I did not get response from you even i got approval email as well and shared it with you . please reply on email

Wow, Today i received $50.00 Visa ® Prepaid Card-----Thank you

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Thankyou UiPath😍

Received $50.00 Visa Card🤑