Rate UiPath and Get Rewarded! Huge campaign for this summer!

Welcome to our summer campaign

:superhero: Until June 25, you can rate UiPath products and you will get a $25 VISA gift card for each approved review!

All rewards are issued automatically by each respective ‌platform.

See the options below:

G2 - rate UiPath here

Until June 25, rate UiPath and you will get a $25 VISA gift card.

  • Users from UiPath partners’ companies are not eligible.
  • Please be sure to use your LinkedIn or your business email for validation. These will not be used/sold to third parties but will help verify your experience with UiPath’s products
    Rate UiPath here.

Gartner - rate UiPath here

Rate UiPath RPA, UiPath Process Mining and UiPath Test Automation and you will receive a $25 Visa Prepaid Gift Card for each review.


  • The reviews are anonymous, your name, email and company name will not be displayed.
  • If you have experience with both UiPath RPA and Test Suite, you can write 2 reviews, and get 2 rewards. Both links are below
  • Once your review will get approved, you will receive your gift card right in your inbox
  • UiPath partner companies are not accepted by Gartner.
    Rate UiPath here.

Peer Spot - rate UiPath here

Until June 25, you can take an ITSC, now PeerSpot interview and we will send a $50 Visa Prepaid Gift Card to the first 100 approved reviews of UiPath’s platform.


  • Interviews/reviews - This will take place via a phone call - link below. All you have to do is schedule a time that works for you and then join the call. ITCS will take care from there, assuming 20 minutes for the whole process.
  • Deadline – you can pick a date starting today to the end of April
  • The reviews will be on a public site but they can be completely anonymous
    Rate UiPath here.

Received my gift voucher :smiley:


Nice, i’m process god!

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Haven’t recieved my peerspot gift voucher. Do I need to claim it somewhere?

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Greetings I have made my review and it was published correctly, but so far I have not received my gift card

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hi @Juliet_Beck_Toomey
Welcome to UiPath community

Its take about 3 ,4 weeks to getting reply for getting gift cards after submission

Submitted on G2. The link redirects to “G2 insights” product and not Uipath. But i have manually searched for Uipath RPA and reviewed it. Let us know if there’s an issue with this process. Thanks

Update: Looks like your link is incorrect. Manually searching the product on G2 disqualifies the reward. If you do not see $25 on the top right of the page, you will not get any reward.

Update 2: G2 is REFUSING to approve UiPath RPA reviews on their site.

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@Dana_Mustatea @Maneesha_de_silva Just FYI, G2 is also refusing to approve UiPath reviews (even with high score, screenshot provided and no terms violated). Raised ticket # 168740 but didnt work.
Evidently G2 is a waste of time imo. They are not being fair to UiPath or reviewers

have you connect through the LinkedIn ? , Its required the authorize login party like LinkedIn that’s link your profile to ensure that you are a real user

Yep, used LinkedIn.

I am a G2 user since 2017. Even recently they approved a review for $10 Amazon. It is only for UiPath all these roadblocks are there.

did you received your gift card ?

@Dana_Mustatea hi I think you are the primary concern person from Uipath instead of any other.
I sent you an email as well. i did not receive any gift card. I use a active campaign from uipath website. Please check the below link of my review which has been published on G2 platform but they did not share any Reward or gift card.

Will appreciate your answer

Hi there, sorry for the late reply, I had a few days off. I’ll check this situation and get back to you via email. Thank you!

Hi there, sorry for your bad experience, and thanks for noticing me! I will discuss this with the G2 team, in the meantime, can you please send me an email at dana.mustatea(@)uipath.com, sending there your approval from the G2 team and I’ll take care from there. Thank you!

Hi @Dana_Mustatea

Thanks for G2 reward, I send another email to you please check your inbox, my review has been approved on Peerspot and waiting for 50$

@Dana_Mustatea I am waiting for your response… Please check my email.

Hi there, Your gift card it’s automatically issued by the Peer Spot team, you can reach out to them by replying to the approval email you got from them. Thank you!

how to reach them out. where we have to send email