Raspberry Pi easy automation?

Well i have an ideia but i dont know if its possible… i saw some topics that its possible to install uipath robot in a raspberry pi right?
So… if we put script there we could run them…My ideia is plug the raspberry pi and automatic run the script that will do something in your pc… I need for install several softwares etc… i want plug the raspberry to a PC and then he will start the script that i made…
It’s a bad ideia?
Someone already try it?
It’s possible?

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Does uipath run on non-windows OS? That would be the first hurdle i would think. Secondly (and probably more important), why would you want to use a raspberry pi to run your robot? It would be a lot easier to just use a virtual machine instead - raspberry pi has a very limited processing speed, and i just don’t see an advantage to using one over a virtual machine for unattended processing

Just was an ideia, i want used rasperry because is small and only by plug in, maybe i could run the script, i dont know :smiley:
But one guy tell me to do a script in my machine and via remote desktop i install in all the machine, seems to be a good solution. I need try it…
You are right.

thanks for your reply @Dave