Range of email in get IMAP activity

While using get IMAP activity, there is an option to provide the number of mails it should get.

Can we define a range of mail numbers, i.e from 2000-5000, instead of telling to get the first 2000 emails to get?

Please help.

It’s actually The number of messages to be retrieved starting from the top of the list, and not a RANGE
SO we won’t be able mention like that buddy
Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury


Actually, I have around 10k emails where I need to perform a search. Based on senders, I need to categorize the emails and move them to respective folders. I had executed till 5000 emails. Rest 5000 are pending. So, in this case, we need to traverse all the 10k emails. It would take more time. So, wanted to check if any workaround is there.

Thanks for the update!

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Obviously 10000 emails will take some time but we do that in stages like one after the other
And taking them as a count or even to check the inbox it has to start from the top of the mail list

Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury