Range not found error with VLOOKUP


I have started my journey with UiPath just few days ago and i have read the “Get Started with StudioX” eLearning from UiPath Academy.

I faced error with first training with Excel automation and i can’t figure it out. I have done the training task now two times to be sure that it is done exactly like in the training video. But when running the report, i get error on last Write cell -command which should write VLOOKUP formula on specific cell.

(Formula: =VLOOKUP(A2;‘April Expenses.xlsx’!$D:$E;2;FALSE)

My colleague said that the error is related to brackets in the formula. But in the training video, it works flawlessly.

Any ideas what’s wrong? I’m new user so i can only upload one image. So i uploaded the error message.

Replace every ; with , . In the academy lesson there is only , .

=VLOOKUP(A2,‘April Expenses.xlsx’!$D:$E,2,FALSE)

Let usk now how it works!

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Thanks for answer. It works!

But it’s a shame that i can’t copy my formulas straight from Excel because my Excel works with semicolons. Luckily it changes automatically to semicolon when running the automation.

Yes, it’s a known issue and it will be fixed in future releases. StudioX only sends english language separators or formulas for now.

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