"Range does not exist

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Am trying to add data of column 1 and column 2 of an excel and saving the result in column 3. While executing the program I encountered the error “Range does not exist”.
I have attached the xaml as well. Please suggest.


Please refer this link.

Range doesn’t exist

Make sure your excel is closed or if it’s open don’t make any cell selection or don’t perform any excel operations as it may conflict Uipath robot while running.

you can write column3 like
Assign row(“column3Name”)=ValueA+ValueB instead of Write cell

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I made sure the excel is closed but still getting same error. I tried to save the value in another sheet altogether with range “” but still getting error “The range does not exist”

hello Pallvi,
The simplest way would be to always keep the excel in table format by inserting table and after that use write cell activity in uipath to write the C2 OF COLUMN C of the spreadsheet with the formula (=SUM([@Column1],[@Column2])



I have the exact same problem. Write cell won’t work for my case. I need to collect a lot of data during all iterations.

Finally I need to write the gatherred data in DT into excel in a new sheet.

But still range does not error still there.