Random unknown popup

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How to handle random unknown popups while using any web application. Can we use continue on error property simply OT is there any specific method to handle the popups

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Do the popup had some message or it is coming in specific part of the Automation process


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Continue on error property is fine but make sure to set a low timeout value otherwise it would wait for 30 sec if popup is not available.

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Some message like when we open browser some popups will come na like that. Then when we click on cancel it will vanish and then we can continue with our actions inside browser.

OK nilay I will try doing it. Thank you

@Archana_N_L You can use an attach window for the Pop-up and inside the attach window you can use the click activity to click any buttons in the pop-up.

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So u can check with element exist to check whether that pop up.is coming then if it is appearing them click on cancel button

Do it at beginning


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Hi Nived. Yes good one i will try it . Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok manish. Thanks