Random tab switching during execution

When my execution is running, I find that the robot randomly switches to a previous tab before the “click image” activity. Is there any reason for this?

This can be because of few reasons
—If we are getting the same result while trying to do the process manually like switching to previous tabs
Then we need to check with the web Application we are trying to access
-if we are not getting any such while trying it manually then we can try changing the browser from chrome to IE or from IE to chrome
We can switch between tabs using Send hot key actor using key ctrl + tab that would shifty across the tab

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @pjulakanti

I checked the three cases that you sent me and none of them apply. The web application works normally when the process is done manually. I checked that all of the browsers are consistent, and I am not using any hotkeys. It might be useful to note that I am passing a browser variable in and out of an attach window activity.

I’m having the same trouble. Were you trying to click on an image before it navigated away from the target tab?

Hi! I’m having the same issue, also it looks random to me. @pjulakanti, @whill did you manage to resolve this? In my automation I’m taking a screenshot, and I’ve “activated” the page by clicking on an object. Thanks!

I was able to resolve my issue, maybe you had something similar. In my case I was using an “Invoke workflow file” activity for taking screenshots, and I was passing an empty selector, as I need to take screenshot of the entire page, not the particular element. I think this was causing tab switching.
Then I’ve added only tab name as selector, and that fixed the issue.