Random Excel date stamp message box

When running one of my processes in production, the process stops and displays a message box and the process wont continue until OK is clicked. ( see attached picture)bnbvn
I haven’t been able to figure out what is causing the issue or what activity it is from . I am not able to reproduce error when ran from studio.

if you search your workflow for ‘message box’ does anything show up?

it could be that the version being run had some message boxes added during development but not removed?

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Hi there…!

Definitely a message box problem which wasn’t removed while developing.

Maybe it’s housed in a conditional statement which triggered it when ran remotely.

Maybe the version that you are using in Orch. might not be updated (so if running from the tray does not produce the message box publish the project again and make sure that the latest publish project is deployed through orch.)

To remove that message box refer this :

How to identify where is my message box in workflow? - #5 by Raghavendraprasad

Hope this solves the issue.

Regards :slight_smile: