Random errors persistent for specific robot


The case:

  • Transactions for unattended processes randomly failing, usually with “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector” or “Cannot communicate with the browser” errors.
  • When that happens, all other queued transactions for the same process executed by the same robot on the same machine will fail with the same error.
  • If I manually retry the failed transaction with a different robot it usually runs successfully.
  • The environment for each robot is set up in the same way.
  • Other processes that run after on the same machine are not affected by this.

The setup:

  • Unattended robots
  • Studio: 2020.10.2
  • Orchestrator: 2019.10.14, on-prem

The questions:

  • anyone else observed a similar case?
  • any suggestions on how to clear the environment before retry to avoid the persistent error?
  • is there a way to force the automatic transaction retry (RE Framework) to be executed by a different robot/machine?

Hi @TomaszGolos,
I assume you are on Enterprise license. You could report this case to our Technical Support so the team could take a closer look on this.