Raising ticket in Technical support

Hi Experts,

I am trying to raise a ticket in Technical Support but I couldn’t.

I am using the Enterprise version of Studio and I am using same license key and device ID to fill the form in Support.

But even then it asks me to fill the mandatory field in the form.

It asks me to fill End Organization Name but it is not allowing me to fill that field.

Is this a bug/I am making some mistake while filling the form…

Can you please help me with this issue.


Hi @kantheshm,

when you are raising a ticket you enter the license code ,kindly look at your license code(any number missing or mismatch) as once you enter the valid license code and validate it
it automatically fills in the associated end organisation name(its not an editable textbox )
Hence try once again with valid license code

No,its not working…

i am facing same issue…

Hello were they able to solve this for you? If so, did you have to do anything differently? I am facing exact same issue

For anyone else experiencing this issue - the fix was on UiPath’s side - Reach out to your sales rep or your Customer Success contact and they will get the right people involved.