Raising Technical Support Ticket For Enterprise Cloud Edition (with Email ID)

Hi Experts,
I am trying to raise technical support tickets for Enterprise Cloud Edition.
The License I have is the email associated with the Cloud edition (no 16 digits code)

in the Contact Technical support

It only allows for license code keyed in as 16/18 digits only

How to raise a ticket using the email id
Is there another link designated for cloud edition technical support?

Thank you


Iā€™m looping forum managers to address this issue

@loginerror @Pablito

Your views?


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Hi @sashiraja.c,
I will check it and let you know asap.

I have information :slight_smile:
So as a part of the cloud enterprise license, you need to use this contact form:

Support ID you can find on your Automation Cloud portal.


Indeed. Thank you very much for your support
@Pablito @Srini84

For others facing similar issue:

  1. Cloud version, this is the site we need to go to to raise ticket (as shared by @Pablito )
  2. Get your 16-digit Support ID
    Go to automation cloud ->Admin-> Organization Settings
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