Raising Support Ticket

I am trying to raise a ticket in Technical Support but I couldn’t.

I am using the Enterprise version of Studio and I am using same license key and device ID to fill the form in Support.

But even then it asks me to fill the mandatory field in the form.

It asks me to fill End Organization Name but it is not allowing me to fill that field.

Is this a bug/I am making some mistake while filling the form…

Can you please help me with this issue

Hi @RameshGJ

Could you try a different browser? It could help.

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Tried with the different browser the same issue persist.

Could you post a screenshot of how the fields look like? It seems really strange.

I am having the exact same issue. None of my enterprise license keys are being recognized by the form (already verified exact match to UiPath Sales document from when these were purchased, same license keys already used to successfully activate).

You should be able to use the licensing contact form to resolve that :slight_smile:

Thanks! Reached out through our sales and customer success contacts and they got it resolved - once they confirmed all was set, the license #'s no longer generated an error and i was able to open a ticket.

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