Radio button in popup window

Can someone help!
Stuck in selection of radio button in a popup window, when it iterates. First time ‘Save File’ radio button works fine but for subsequent iterations unable to do so.

My selector content

wnd app=‘firefox.exe’ cls=‘MozillaDialogClass’ title=‘Opening Report-RO212121-1.csv’ />
ctrl name=‘Save File’ role=‘radio button’ aastate=‘checked’ />’


Could you please check selector once and make it dynamic. It work for other iterations also.

Hi @preeharris check the selector once and if it not work send hotkey (tab)


Try this:

Make it dynamic selector like this:

wnd app=‘firefox.exe’ cls=‘MozillaDialogClass’ title=‘Opening Report-*.csv’ />
ctrl name=‘Save File’ role=‘radio button’ aastate=‘checked’ />’

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hi @lakshman
getting the following error

Selector expression


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Put the entire selector in a single line and make sure it should be enclosed within double quotes.

well you can make it easier by allowing the chrome to save it in the default folder and if its done, these popup wont appear and once if the download report is clicked it will direct download with this popup
for that kindly follow these procedures
and disable the check box
ask where to save each file before downloading
Cheers @preeharris

Hi @preeharris,

You can disable this option in google chrome. Here is the screenshot of how you can do it.


Done still same error

In your selector there is a property aastate=‘Checked’ if the element has not been checked for the next run this value will be unchecked so its throwing an error, try to omit this property or make it * and try again.

thanks @Divyashreem will check

Still the runtime execution error persists:
Selector is invalid