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Hello guys,

Any ideea how to enter this formula in an Excel cell (in a virtual machine).

I am trying with " ". I did not work. Then I used “” “” it also did not.

“”" “”" Also no result.

Please help me


“=IF(C2=”“Sunrise TV WLAN Modem (AVM 7390)”";12936;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box (comfort)”";12975;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box mini (start) K410"”;13354;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box (comfort) R”";14440;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV WLAN Modem(AVM 7390) R”";14441;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box mini (start) R”";14442;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box mini (start) K510"”;14471;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box (Comfort) A515"”;14912;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV WLAN Modem (AVM 7490)”";15871;IF(C2="“Sunrise Internet Box”";16466;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box ARUBA”";16574;IF(C2="“PATTON SN4661/8BIS16V/EUI-AANCH”";17128;IF(C2="“Sunrise WLAN Modem (AVM7490"”;15871;IF(C2="“gunrise TV Box mini (start) K510"”;14471;IF(C2="“Sunrise WLAN Modem (AVM 7490)”";15871;IF(C2="“8805620 Internet Box”";16466;IF(C2="“Closing year 2016 IPTV”";16466;IF(C2="“Sun ise TV Box mini (start) K510"”;14471;IF(C2="“unrise TV WLAN Modem (AVM7390)”";12936;IF(C2="“Sunrise Inrernet Box”";16466;IF(C2="“unrise TV WLAN Modem (AVM 7390)”";12936;IF(C2="“PATTON SN5501/0BF/EUI-AANCH”";19206;IF(C2="“PATTON SN4981/4E120VR/EUI-AANCH”";17130;IF(C2="“PATTON SN5300/0BF/EUI-AANCH”";17131;IF(C2="“PATTON SN4151/2BIS2JS4VHP/EUI-AANCH”";17132;IF(C2="“Sunrise WLAN Modem (AVM 7390)”";12936;IF(C2="“Sunrise WLAN Modem (AVM 7490"”;15871;IF(C2="“Sunrise TV Box UHD”";16574;"“check formula or name of material”"))))))))))))))))))))))))))))"

Can you change it in order to work?


can you please send the formula without any extra quotes… because I am getting confused in the below case

in this case do you need both the quotes

Just looking at your excel code. It would be easier to have a list of all the Modem models in one column and next to it have all of the reference numbers. You can then use a really simple VLookup to get it

=VLOOKUP(C2,Modem Lookup Table,2,FALSE)

That would solve your problem here with the quotes too

VLookup Guide

to put a double quote in string you need to enter TWO double quotes , not \" .

In your case of excel formula you should put "=IF(C2=""Sunirise..."";......."


Hi @calin

Use write cell “”


I will send you in an hour.


Vin, 21 iun. 2019, 17:23 Ashley Nihal Dcunha via UiPath Community Forum uipath@discoursemail.com a scris:

In general, to add a quote in a string is 3 quotes “”""

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Do you speak romanian?

I send you the formula without Quotations marks.



actually no but you can send me the formula