Quotes Can't Print into Text File from DataTable

I’m trying to take data I have in a DataTable, add quotes around each entry in the DataTable, and then write that DataTable to a text file using the Write CSV activity (which seems to work fine with text files when the path specified is a text file).

My approach is to the use triple quotes escape character of “”" around my entries, add them as a data row to a separate DataTable, then Write CSV using that new DataTable. I believe I’ve isolated the issue to the fact that DataTables don’t work with the “”" escape character. (I’ve tried Chr(34) and it also doesn’t work.) When I use the “”" and write to text file, the literal triple quotes show up around my entries instead of a single quote. If I use the single quotes around my String like normal it just writes the string without any quotes.

How can I get single quotes to show up in a text file after what’s being written to the text file has been run through a DataTable? Thank you.