Quotation format for String that contains quotes

I am confused on how to solve the string that contains quotations. It just doesn’t allow me to convert it to a proper string. Please help :slight_smile:


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@Penganimation, the requirement or question is not clear at all, do you mind giving a bit of detail?


Perhaps you should write as the following.



Wow, that works, thank you so much. I have another string here:

which gives me the following error message.
Write Cell: The data you want to write “=FILTER(A:A,ARRAYFORMULA(ISNA(MATCH(A:A,Sheet1!A:A,0))))” has a wrong format, or Excel is busy. If your data is a formula, make sure you use comma as parameters separator. Please check that you are not editing a value and that no dialog windows are opened.

I just want to check if the format of my string is wrong? or its caused by other reasons?


Do you want to write it to excel worksheet? It seems for Google Spreadsheet. (eg Arrayformula)


Yes I am trying to write a formula in excel sheet that is meant to be read using Google sheet.

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