"Malformed URL Is Embedded As A Hyperlink In The Document" Error Message

What is the cause of "Invalid Hyperlink: Malformed URI is embedded as a hyperlink in the document" error message while using Workbook activities?

When the error "Invalid Hyperlink: Malformed URI is embedded as a hyperlink in the document" comes up while using the "Read Range" activity under the workbook section (an not under an Excel Scope) it could be due to a presence of a non-standard hyperlink, such as an e-mail address (mailto:xxxxx@yyyy.com), or local folder path (C:\FpolderPath\FilePath) , present as a hyperlink in the excel/workbook file.

The issue is due to a "ClosedXML" (a third party dependency), which is a part of the excel activity package and the way the same interacts with the Windows base system libraries to interpret URLs, which would fall out of UiPath's control. More details regarding this bug is also recorded in the root cause section and also at Malformed Mailto Hyperlink Causes Exception on .Net 4.5+ .
Recommended Workaround: Considering these limitations, the primary work around recommended at the moment would be to use the Excel Application scope to handle the Excel interaction, with such data, as it does not have a direct dependency on ClosedXML and would be able to handle this data as expected.

There is a secondary work around as well, which would involve removing the hyperlinks from the workbook file, which would resolve the error and make the workbook work with workbook activities, however if the workbook file will get re-inserted with the hyperlinks, in the future, this would become a tedious task of always having to modify the file, before being accessed.