Quiz 14

I can not manage to pass this test. I’m just managing to get a 60-70%. I must have tried 20 times already.

I don’t know where I’m failing, but maybe someone can let me know where I can find some information to help me review the training so that I can find the right answer to the following questions, which I’m guessing I’m not doing right.

Here is my research from some of the questions that I find doubtful and my research

Can you hover the mouse over a specific UI Element?

How can you extract a table from a web page?

  • I found information on Lesson 5 - Advanced UI Interaction.

Around min 15: UiPath has a very helpful wizard, for extracting
such structured data into a usable form: a data Table, or spreadsheet.

  • Is there any other section that needs to be considered to answer this question?

What is the UiExplorer good for?

  • I found information on Lesson 1 - Introduction to UiPath

Around minute 12: We’ll use a special tool, called UiExplorer. It makes locating UI elements a breeze.

  • I believe that it would help also to make selectors stable as per what it is mentioned on Lesson 6 - Selectors after min 16

In order to make a UI selector stable you need to:

  • The options in this one are puzzling me. On Lesson 6 - Selectors after min 15:07 is mentioned: In order to fix this, we’ll go to the selector editor for the type action and click the Attach to live element button
  • Clearly then Attach to live element seems to be the right answer, but I’m wondering if the other answers to the questions are relevant also as I seem to keep failing this test

How can you close a running application?

  • I don’t find anything specific in the training on this.
  • I found the following links that seem to provide the right answer:

As per the following post Alt+F4 (and after testing it myself) this could be a possible right answer: Close all IE tabs

How can you grab text from a notepad window inside Citrix?

  • I’m getting the answer from Lesson 7 - Image and Text Automation around minute 7: To get information out of virtual machines, there are again, 2 methods: Select&Copy, and ScrapeRelative.

What activity should be used to allow a user to click on a UI Element after being blocked using the Click Trigger activity?

  • The answer of this I found it in around the minute 10 in the following link, but it shows that the video is deprecated, so I’m wondering if I’m getting the right answer from this:


After completing the test with the answers above, this time I got 50% only. I’m sorry to reiterate that t is very frustrating to run through this tests :sweat:


I managed to pass Quiz 14, but some of the results don’t make sense. In particular the questions:

In order to make a UI selector stable you need to:
What is the UiExplorer good for?

The correct answers for these questions seems somehow peculiar


how youa managed it?

hi how did you manage to pass I have been above 3 hours over 15 tries and still I can not pass it - if you plese can give me some help!

It was tough. Try to be systematic. Make a note on the answer you give and try to identify which one you are responding correctly and which ones not.

The exam has problems. I passed and got 1 wrong answer, but scored a 70%. If someone from UiPath can contact me, I can share my answer see with you. So you basically have to get it all right to pass.

Hi @jerzeyguy83

It is possible to get an answer “green checked”, but if you look under the question, the score would be zero. This is happening in multiple choice questions where you gave a partially correct answer.


On that point, I’ve never seen the multiple choice type questions prior to UiPath. I am not a fan. Especially, on chapter 14, this was probably its highest usage and it was frustrating.

I am giving 80% correct answers. It can be helpful for others.

Please don’t share test answers on forum.


Most quizzes were questionable with the questions being covered.

But Quiz 14 was really the limit. I had to do it multple times, and at one point started with answereing 5 questions; with a score of 50% I knew those answers were correct. And then build on that with the other questions until I had 7 correct answers. Then did a final attempt to get a score of 80%.

Very frustrating experience, indeed. Questions were not covered in the last block and perhaps scarcely mentioned in the previous ones.

The final test (with max 3 attempts) went smoothly: passed in first attempt.

I think you have skipped some parts as I was able to finish it in first attempt with 90%


I got a 100. The answers are more multiple choice in this quiz and so you need to understand a lot more than other quizzes to get it right. What is happening for most people here is that they are missing one answer and so ending up wit 60% or 50%.

Quiz 14: My all answers were correct after few attempts. But score was 80%. How can that be possible. There seems to be some bug here

I checked your answers and your scores for the 4th and 9th questions were 0 because you didn’t check all the correct answers.
Have a great day!
Andra T.
UiPath Academy Team

Hi Divesh_Singh

You can help me Quiz Test about 12 to 14.Many tks .

Hi @selrac

Did u passed the Lesson 14 quiz. I am also facing problem. I tried 15 times but not able to complete it.


Can any one please help me, I have been stuck at 60% on this quiz for hours now, no clue what I am getting wrong.

I have been stuck at 60% on this quiz for hours now, no clue what I am getting wrong. Can you please help me?

how were you able to get past lesson 14, I have been stuck on it for while now.

Keep a record on the answers you select. From these, see which questions you are unsure and ask in the forum. It is a while back since I did the test. What question in particular are you having issues?