Quickly switch back to Internet Explorer

I have an activity that opens a pdf from a website. Then it performs some actions in Adobe Acrobat and after that it needs to go back to the Internet Explorer and click some buttons there.
The beginning is fast until I have done the pdf activities. After that it takes forever (~1Minute) to click the browser again. I have tried “activate element”, “attach browser”, “click” on tray icon and maximize. All with no luck.

Thanks for any help.

Please check wait for Ready and Delay properties of activities.

Try changing Wait For Ready to None of activities and check if that helps.


Thanks, the speed increased a lot :smiley: However, I’m not yet happy with the transition from Acrobat Reader to the IE browser. What is the usual way to do this? How can I get the open browser to the foreground efficiently.

Try method without selector (only Browser variable needed):

Browser = your browser obtained from Open Browser

Give the window a name in the properties tab

Invoke method
TargetType = (null)
TargetObject = Browser.Element
MethodName = BringToForeground

you can also combine it with Maximize/Minimize with Browser.Element as Window parameter

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Thanks a lot, I never heard of that way to bring an application to the foreground.

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