Quickest way to change formatting of rows based on condition


I need to color rows text based on one condition, I use Change formatting activity but it takes too much time for each row, is there any alternative option to make execution faster ?


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Did we try with this activity

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Thanks @Palaniyappan , This Activity will color the cell itself, I want to color Text Only.

Hope this could help you in terms of vb

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Thanks @Palaniyappan , I got the following :

And also is there a way to have this VBS file inside and invoke activity, I don’t want to have extra files in my folder ( If possible)

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It’s something with the file access
Open the excel file and click file → options and trust Center

Check for this

Hmm when it comes to excel file it’s good to have invoke VBA and have the macro in it

If not you can do it with INVOKE CODE activity with VBA as language

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