Quick way to check if objects can be recognized


Hi there,

Is there a quick way to check if objects can be recognized without the need of a full UiPath Studio installation?

Reason for asking: when assessing processes at the client’s site it would be very helpful to be able to perform quick checks to answer the question which applications can be automated using objects and which ones require OCR. One possible solution might be to to have a running version of the GUI spider on a USB drive.

Thanks in advance.


Nice idea although can’t see it happening any time soon. We have automated hundreds of different applications and as yet have only found one or two small objects within those applications that cannot be automated. UiPath is very flexible so if you can’t use full API mode you can try clicking text or relative to text and ultimately use surface automation and shortcut keys if all else fails.

UiPath installation takes about 2 minutes so as long as you can get permission it won’t take long and you can use the trial license so no cost.


Thanks for your fast answer, richarddenton. I am aware about the alternative options in UiPath. It was more about correctly estimating configuration efforts. Installation of UiPath would always be my first choice. However, as you have already described, it is often a problem to get Admin rights.