Quick Watch Window/ User Immediate Window


What is the use case

As a newbie many times we need to run our trial code to see the desire output so currently in Uipath we have to stop whole application and its very time consuming…

How do you see a solution for the use case?

in this case we can do like this if you hover your mouse over this variable, you’ll notice it displays it’s value in and You can click into this and edit it manually at run time - though you need to provide a value of the correct format for the data type. Strings also need quotes “”.

It this would be possible then it could be a great help to all developers…

Scope: ______________

  • Custom Activity
  • Reusable Component
  • Template
  • Automation Framework
  • Application Connector
  • Data Connector
  • RPA Documentation
  • Machine learning model
  • Dashboard


Allow me to add:

Stepping into code similar to other IDE’s, e.g. by pressing the F8 key, is great help for learning and debugging.


Yes Agree and its saves lots of time