hi all,
can any one knw about Queues in UiPath… pls share me…


Hi @Venkatp

This is a very general question.
Please check the documentation

And other posts related

Also the Academy free Orchestrator training which includes a course agenda called "What are Orchestrator queues?"



can you please give me some small example for queues…

example excel data data: like (Name, Age, Salary)
i added in queue and also get transaction too Capture


Hi Venkatp

The question is what are you trying to achieve? If you are looking to upload each row of a data table, for example, then your add queue item needs to be inside the for each with the collection being filled in with the relevant items you want to then use.

As a note: Your machine must be orchestrator enabled to use queues and the queue setup in orchestrator to upload to.

Once we know generally what it is you want to achieve we may be able to help more? However I would suggest you also follow all of the links above from Ovi. They are an invaluable resource.