QueueItems not showing up

Two issues here:

  1. I send an API call to /odata/Queues/UiPathODataSvc.AddQueueItem
    I get back 200 OK. But then I look at the queue and the item is not there. Seems to be about 50% of the queueItems I add just disappear into the void or possibly reappear hours later (either is unacceptable). This issue seems to have started about 22 hours ago, give or take two hours.

  2. Counters on the Queues page don’t align with reality.
    E.g. I’ll look at a queue on the Queues page and it will say 1 item in progress. If I go View Transactions for that queue, there are no items in progress, it’s all complete.
    I’m wondering if this is trickling back to triggers and whether or not a Long-Running process will resume. Not sure how that works under-the-hood. Would be good if it updated faster though, since the impact for slower-resumption means a user is sitting there waiting in the real world for longer.