QueueItem ItemInformation Output

Probably it’s very simple issue, but I’m lost.

I would like my queue item to hold a set of different information. So, in “Add queue items” I fill the ItemInformation with it. For example:

Name // Direction // Type // Default Value

InvoiceNumber // In // String // …
Amount // In // Double // …
PaymentTime // In // Int32 // 30
InvoiceReadDate // In // DateTime // DateTime.Now
DomesticSupplier // In // Boolean // True
ForeignSupplier // In // Boolean // False

When I get transaction Item and process it I would like to use some selected data. For example - one of the boolean arguments. How can I grab it? QueueItem.SpecificContent(“DomesticSupplier”) gives me an error about illegal transforming string to boolean.

Thanks in advance

If the string is True or false, try pulling it as CBool(QueueItem.SpecificContent(“DomesticSupplier”).ToString.Trim).

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