Queue upload to Orchestrator takes about 5-10 mins

Dear Memebers,

It takes a lot of time ( around 5-10 mins ) to upload the queue to Orchestrator for uploading around 15 items. My internet download speed is 8 MBPS.

Why does it take so much time , any idea ?

Minal Gupta

its based on the data been uploaded buddy
may i know what type of data is uploaded to the queues
Cheers @MinalGupta

Please debug and see where exactly in your workflow this is happening.

You will find out which activity is causing the issue. Based on that the resolution can be taken.

Karthik Byggari

there is no issue as such. Bot runs and finishes in around 1 minute. But the queue is reflected in orchestrator much later . My question why does it takes so much time to reflect in orchestrator when bot runs quickly and ends.

Hi Palaniyappan,

It is very simple data. Just 3 fields , Account No, Amount and instrument type.


@MinalGupta even though it takes time to show number of items added,but when you see in view transactions the queue items already been added automatically.

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Hi Vekat,

Yes I just checked you were right. It shows only 2 items in queue , but in view transaction already 14 items are added.

But any idea why it happens ?

Also if i now execute get transaction item activity will it fetch 2 or 14 items ?


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@MinalGupta usually it take time to update there, most probably it has to take all the items,have a try once.if it not I think may be we’ve to wait till it update the all the items.plz let me know once you tried.


It does take most of the items.

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