Queue trigger stop until it finishes previous queue

It’s a multibot process having 3 Performers.All performers were queue triggered.

Performer1 start processing the queue items & add data to Performer2 queue.
In case of any system exception and performer1 stops in any one VDI then performer2 execution starts, since data are added into performer2 queue.

But the expectation from the client end is unless performer1 queue is empty, performer2 should not start its execution.

Since everything is queue triggered, need a solution to hold perfomer2 execution unless all the performer1 queue is empty.

Doesn’t Performer1 implement the REFramework? If implemented correctly, Performer1 should not stop until the queue is empty (i.e. “Process finished due to no more transaction data.”). If an exception occurs in the framework, the robot should proceed to the next transaction.

Hi Praveen,

You can use get queue items activity, checking if any new or in progress queue items are present in queue of performer 1. If no only then proceed.

One more solution is not to use queue trigger, instead add start job activity at the end of performer 1 to start the performer 2 process.

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In both solutions, Then if performer2 fails in system exception then it wont retrigger it after some time even if there are transaction in the queue.

In the first solution i.e, using get queue items and checking if performer 1 queues are complete, you will be using queue trigger. So it will retry.

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