Queue trigger - Execution target

The queue trigger is a very nice feature when queue items are populated from a 3rd party source. However it seems to be using whatever robot is available when a queue item triggers the process to run. But it is not necessarily all robots that have the same permissions.

It would be a great feature if an execution target could be added to the trigger as well like it is possible for the time based triggers where one can select All Robots, Specific Robots and Allocate Dynamically.

When you create a trigger the pool of available robots is based on the Process that you are selecting and which Environment it was associated with. If a set of Robots does not have the same permissions or configurations to run any given process in that environment, they probably shouldn’t be in the same environment otherwise you are going to run into sporadic problems.


I guess it depends on how you are using the environments (?) And you have the option to select a specific robot for time based triggers - I guess it would also make sense to have the same option for queue based triggers.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

The paradigm that we’re trying to bring is that any robot in the environment can run any process. This will evolve further when we’ll introduce unattended on top of the folders.

Therefore, you should create environments with identical robots.

In 20.4, in the folder paradigm you will be able to select the user but not the machine.

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