Queue - Transactions


For a project, my Q items (Specific Content) are going to be the same every time I run it. Is Loading the Q every time is the only option? I also wanted to run a robot report after the bot is run to get the transaction detailed (Succeeded, Failed, Application Exception, Business Exception etc.)

E.g. I have 250 transaction items that I need to run weekly.
Clinic Name: XXXXX
Clinic ID: 111111

Hi @icehouselux ,

  1. If you are looking at using queue then yes you have to load the queue always.

2.Are you using RE framework? Then you can do the queue load in your initialization or before get transaction

3.For end of run report you can do get queue items in your end process and make sure to capture the start time of bot before loading the queue and use the start time to get the queue items for current run in you end process .

  1. If you are not using RE Framework then before getting queu items capture the start time and add the queue items then before ending the process get the queue items using the saved start time and proceed with report creation

Hope this helps.


@Anil_G Yes, I am using re-framework. Thanks for your suggestion. For now I have split the load q process . I was wondering if there was any other technique using orchestrator to avoid the load q either via re-framework or separately in a different workflow.

@icehouselux unfortunately there is no separate technique but one simple way would be to use bulk add queue items…which will add all queue items in one go