Queue statistics

When I add items from datatable to the queue and process them, how do I get metrics in excel sheet, for example data row, pass, fail, transacrion time etc.

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Hi A_Learner,
Posibly you are looking for the following information about Insights:

Link 1: Insights - About Insights
Link 2: Insights - Queues

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You can use api get the queue export which will contain all info…time might not be there but it would have start and end…you can calculate

Check seagger for details <orchestratorURL>/swagger/index.html


Hi @A_Learner

UiPath Offers Insights for this purpose as mentioned by @jose.ordonez1.

You can set mail report based in schedule (daily, Last 7 days, range etc)

If you specific need send job execution report as soon it finished the execution, you need build by yourself

You can build a report workflow that Get all Queue Items (Get Queue Items) starting with specific reference (previously use to add the batch queue items) and use the queue items properties to build the Report Data Table.


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