Queue Remaining?

i have sucessfully created a dispatcher now the WIID has been added to Queue. But it shows Remaining what does it mean. SS Attached

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It shows the count of remaining items to be processed.

So there is no problem in Dispatcher. I am I right.

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fine now you have attached the queue items to the queue with dispatcher…all are in new status…they are yet to be processed…that count can be seen in remaining…once you are done processing with performer…that remaining count will get reduced buddy @ramkrishna2k3


Thank you

Thankyou…Now I am constructing Performer. After lot of days i suceeded in dispatcher.

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No problem buddy…you are going good…

Cheers, keep going

@Palaniyappan Hi, So, while adding the items for queue first time I got Time out exception but there were 54 items remaining , second time again I got timeout exception and the items got updated 94, third time when I ran the flow again it ran without any exception and remaining items got updated to 169(Count of items in my excel that needed to be added to queue was 107.

Question 1- Does queue overwrite the values if we run the dispatcher flow again and again or does it append, if it appends(which I think it has done in my case, how can we eliminate the duplicate records while performing the operation)

Question 2 - Why do we sometime get the Timeout exception while adding items to queue?

Thanks in advance

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