Queue Population with RE-Framework

Hello Friends,

I would need advice on what would be the correct approach to add workflow to populate a queue items in Re Framework. Re-framework is moreover for processing the queue items, but it doesn’t have any appropriate placeholder to add workflow for populate the queue items.

Thanks in advance.

The REFramework can also be used for populating queue items, though this is usually a simpler process. It really depends on where the data comes from.

For example, if the data comes from an excel file, and you’re loading each row of the file to a queue, your Init state would read the Excel file to a datatable, Get Transaction Item would get the next row from your datatable, and the Process state would load the row to the queue. There is little or nothing to do in the End Process state, since no applications were opened, such as a web browser or desktop application.

This will mean you need to change the framework to get TransactionItem’s as datarows instead of queue items. Also, this is just one example. Your transaction items could even be strings if you are only getting single values to load into the queue. There are many ways to approach it.