Queue Management

Dear all,

I want to work with Queues. But there are some disadvantages I’d like to discuss:

  1. I’d like to push a Datatable to the queue. Each Row ought to be an Queue-Element. It seems to me that I’m not the first one who would love to see such an possibility.
  2. I want to update the Queue Reference.
  3. It should be possible to get more than 100 Items from the queue. To use Pagination cannot be a best practice.
  4. There should be an option to use a reference filter within get transaction Item.
  5. When will we be able to push more than just Strings to the Queue.

If some of those point have already be taken care of feel free to correct me.



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Would a way round this be to create your own database to act as the queue, and the “queue” in orchestrator just gets the next datatable from your database?

I had the same idea in mind but It should be provided by UiPath. A Queue should be a enhancer for effort statistics as well.

What do you mean by effort statistics?

I do agree that the queue could offer more scope, but I do think you can add more columns to what you pull in can’t you, so in effect you’re creating more of a table? Or did I dream that?

What I mean: If you like report the effectivity of your process to your organization first you have to define what effectivity means for your process. For that purpose, it would be great to update the Queue Reference during the process runtime accordioning to your well-defined process effectivity agreement.

Afterwards you can use a process which uses the Queue Reference information as well as the Queue-Element Status to create a statistics-report. In that case it would be possible to just use “Get Queue Items” to create a Report.

To be perfectly honest your approach would also lead to a valid result, but it would be more difficult.

Maybe this is something you could raise in the feedback section to them? You can’t be the only user wanting more information out of the queue and orchestrator, perhaps when creating a new queue you could have a “Simple/Advanced” option for dealing with cases like these?

@UiPath: I would appreciate a response from your side.